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Welcome! My name is Emily. I am a diehard St. Louis Cardinals & Chicago Blackhawks fan, which I know is a bit of a dichotomy, but it works for me.

I like Jonathan Toews just a little bit. Yadier Molina is the biggest BAMF to ever squat for a living.

I blog about other things I like or interest me, such as: Europe, Scotland, European Royalty, Harry Potter, Dogs, Anything Pink, Yummy Looking Food, Cute Cupcakes, & whatever else tickles my fancy.

It should probably also be noted I accidentally started liking One Direction during the lockout. Niall is borderline ruining my life. SEND HELP.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own the rights to any of the photos I post unless otherwise indicated. I will try to give credit to the appropriate source(s) when possible.
 Captain(s) Derpin'


Stuffs I Like:

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrating her 34th birthday.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrating her 34th birthday.

Posted on July/19/2011
Tagged as: Swedish Royalty, Crown Princess Victoria,

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